Every month Experimental Gameplay posts a new theme. The goal for participants is to create a game using this theme sometime during the month while spending less than one week on the game. This challenge was born out of a project by a group of students at Carnegie Mellon to each create a new game every week. I used to follow the blog during the original project in order to play the games they produced, including a really fun one called Tower of Goo, which Kyle Gabler later expanded on in the slightly better known, World of Goo.

The theme for Experimental Gameplay in August and September of 2012 was Time Manipulation. Unfortunately I did not get a proper game finished, however I did make a basic puzzle game based on a more technical interpretation of the theme.

Time screenshot

The game is written in classic HTML, Javascript, and CSS. As it uses a simple text interface there’s no need for any advanced HTML5 features, though it does use the CSS3 feature, font-face. The puzzle mechanic is simply to figure out what time you want to find based on the text. The twist is in how you enter your result, there’s no textbox, you need to manipulate the time manually. The bad side of this is that the mechanic fails on mobile devices. The other problem of the game is that it’s in the minority of games that you can beat by letting it run in the background. I didn’t get to writing too many puzzles for it so it’s quick to play through.